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Carbon Jungle, Inc symbol (CBJG.PK)

Carbon Jungle is a diversified holding company (trading symbol CBJG.PK) that through its interests and wholly owned subsidiaries is involved in alternative fuels, waste-to-fuel, green energy, CO2 offsets, and businesses that help improve the environment.


Carbon Jungle in association with Grace Point Films Proudly Presents the feature film

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"Living Luminaries (on The Serious Business of Happiness)"


Living Luminaries is a powerful new motion picture featuring insights of some of the foremost, most inspirational individuals of our day. The "Luminaries" in this spiritual movie consist of Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and many more...


Cobal USA Alternative Fuels, LLC

Cobal-USA ss ( now a wholly owned subsidiary of Carbon Jungle, Inc.

Cobal USA Alternative Fuels LLC is a technology innovation company focusing in the promotion, development and implementation of state of the art technologies that produce alternatives fuels to replace liquid fuels processed in Oil refineries and alternative gas to replace natural gas. Cobal, integrates mechanical and chemical processing systems to address financial, energy and environmental problems in a socially responsible way. Cobal´s public profile will be that of a clean processor of biomass and waste into fuel and electricity. Cobal USA will ensemble Technology, Feedstock, Funding and Expertise to propose multiple individual new businesses.

Cobal´s mission is to address today's worldwide solid waste crisis and fuel dependency by providing long-range solutions that are friendly to our environment, economical price and sustainable. Learn more...

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