Carbon Jungle's mission is to relieve the stresses that the human race has placed on it with an ever growing population using more and more CO2 producing products.


To date, Carbon Jungle has purchased land that was stripped of its trees years ago in Cambodia for the purpose of planting trees that maximize the retention of carbon. Since 50% of a tree is carbon the Teak Plantation is the most ideal tree since it grows quickly and is used as a durable good. Just planting trees is not enough. Every time a tree dies and falls to the Jungle floor it it rots and releases CO2. The rain forest actually has about a net zero for CO2 retention. Only creating durable goods from quality wood retains the carbon for a significant period of time.

Carbon Jungle captures CO2 in the trees that it grows, but that is not enough. The billions of barrels of sequestered carbon based oil crude oil that is pumped from the belly of the earth ultimately is released into the atmosphere. This is why Carbon Jungle strategically acquired the renewable fuel company Cobal USA, LLC.

Cobal USA, LLC (www.cobal-usa.com) develops projects that create renewable fuel from waste sources such as municipal solid waste (MSW.) Typically MSW rots and releases methane gas into the atmosphere or it is wastefully flared into the atmosphere creating excess heat and CO2. The BTU value of most landfill gases renders it mostly useless. That is until the revolutionary process used by Cobal was implemented.

Cobal gasifies MSW and converts into a high BTU synthetic gas (syngas). This gas is then converted by a catalyst into green electricity and renewable liquid fuel. The process converts it into jet fuel comprised of mixed alcohols or synthetic diesel fuel. Since both of these fuels are created from a renewable waste to energy process the impact on the Earth is drastically reduced.

Carbon Jungle and Cobal USA will continue its mission of planting trees to sequester CO2 and produce fuels that lessen the negative impact on the earth that traditional fossil fuels or food based fuels such as ethanol release by the millions of tons per day. Carbon Jungle believes it is important to first feed the people and then use the waste to create energy, not use precious food from our much needed corn reserves to create the very dirty and financially impractical ethanol fuel.

It is not enough that Carbon Jungle helps the planet. To be effective, the help must be done in a way that does not restrict the natural tendencies of the human population. Carbon Jungle's methods our financially sustainable without government subsidies or requiring people to give up or change their habits. Carbon Jungle offers people a solution to global warming that is practical, cost effective, and most importantly one that does not ask them to give up their current way of life.

An investment into Carbon Jungle is an investment into a cleaner, practical, and sustainable future for the children that will inherit the Earth.



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