Avoiding the Danger of Global Warming

Avoiding the danger of Global Warming.

The golden sun rises in the eastern sky. A 16,000 acre plot of land lies barren in the heart of Cambodia. Trees once stood there, but now they are gone. As the sun rises the air warms. The trees that once absorbed the heat of the sun and used the suns fuel to create wood are not there. The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that fuels the trees to grow has no place to go.

The patch of land gets warmer and then hotter. The sunlight that would normally reflect back into outer space is now trapped by the CO2, just like a greenhouse. The 16,000 acre plot is acting like a space heater. Like a space heater on in your house, the heat travels room to room, or in this case country to country.

This blanket of heat now drifts over the ocean where it can cool down. But where does the heat go? It is absorbed into the ocean. But it is not just absorbed; it heats the ocean's surface. Making it just a little bit warmer.

As a storm begins to form over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa, these warmer waters feed the storm making it grow larger and larger. The warm surface causes more evaporation and more water in the clouds making them larger and larger. The storm now reaches the strength of a category five hurricane. Now there are no trees strong enough to stop this behemoth. In fact nothing can stop the destruction of a category five storm. Unless…. we did something about never letting the storm form in the first place.

The hurricane and the rising water of its surges thrash New Orleans. Everyone is devastated by its destruction. Nobody is more affected than the poor. Somebody has to take the brunt of it, and that is the poor. Billions and billions of dollars worth of destruction. And that is just to get us back to where we were. Only to rebuild in the destructive alley of a growing number of hurricanes.

What we needed to do was plant more trees. Billions of trees.

This is what would have happened if trees were planted on the barren plot of land in Cambodia.

The sun rose warming the air. The rays of the sun shone down on the trees leaves. The heat of the sun was absorbed to create photosynthesis, the free labor workers of nature. CO2 was absorbed by the leaves and used to make tons of wood in the trees. Half of which is Carbon. The 16,000 acre plot that was a "space heater" is now a solar powered AC, water filter, and air filter all in one. The plot of land never heated up. The heated air does not warm the ocean's surface and the category five hurricane is now just a tropical storm. People are not killed and left homeless. We have avoided a disaster.

It is imperative that we plant more trees to recapture the CO2 that is already in our atmosphere. With 6.5 billion people on the planet, we must plant billions of trees. Carbon Jungle is helping get us there a million trees at a time. You can help too. Carbon Jungle will plant the trees for YOU.




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