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Cobal USA Alternative Fuels LLC is a technology innovation company focusing in the promotion, development and implementation of state of the art technologies that produce alternatives fuels to replace liquid fuels processed in Oil refineries and alternative gas to replace natural gas. Cobal, integrates mechanical and chemical processing systems to address financial, energy and environmental problems in a socially responsible way. Cobal´s public profile will be that of a clean processor of biomass and waste into fuel and electricity. Cobal USA will ensemble Technology, Feedstock, Funding and Expertise to propose multiple individual new businesses.

Vision and Mission Statement

alternative fuelsCobal´s mission is to address today's worldwide solid waste crisis and fuel dependency by providing long-range solutions that are friendly to our environment, economical price and sustainable.


Cobal´s primary objectives for this year are to: - Obtain 4,000 tons per day of feedstock to process in no more than 4 processing plant that will produce synthetic Diesel of low sulfur content. - To develop all the projects and allow the creation of new partnerships that will run each project. - To sign an agreement with a major consulting company that will do the Environmental Impact Studies and the detail engineering for each project.


Cobal USA Alternative Fuels LLC, was incorporated as an equal partnership, in Connecticut and the founders were: Petr Lisa, and Combustibles Alternativos Chile S.A. Today Cobal USA is wholly owned subsidiary of the public company Carbon Jungle Inc, maintaining the original founders as its management team

Description of Products and Services

The company will produce with each signed agreement for feedstock supply, a business proposition project that will be transformed in the creation of a new Company that will complete develop and run each project. The business proposition project will include the Partnership structure and a Business Plan for a minimum life project of 25 years. In addition of getting income from the equity that Cobal USA will have in every and each of the project, other income will come from services that will be sold to each project. Those services will be the Environmental Impact Studies and the Detailed Engineering that will be required to obtain approval and construction.

Key Features of the Products and Services

Cobal USA Alternative Fuels, will take a systematic approach to ensure 25 years minimum supply agreements with renewable source feedstock that are not food based and with waste originated from land reclamation. The resulting Business Proposal or Project for each agreement will include Partnership Structure and the corresponding Business Plan available for potential funders. As each project is Agreement Dependent, it allows the creation of multiple individual companies that will run each project and in each of these multiple companies that will be created. Cobal USA, will have ownership according to each individual Partnership Structure. Ownership in each project will result in Income from the distribution of the profits. Additional income will come from the Environmental and Engineering service that Cobal USA will provide for each project.

Production of Products and Services

During the first year of operation Petr Lisa the acting CEO, will carry out all negotiations with owners of feedstock that will result in a 25 years minimum supply agreement. The Business Proposition will be prepare by Cobal Chile S.A who has been producing similar projects for other countries. After the first year it is expected that Cobal USA will have its own professional staff to prepare each business proposition and to have a negotiating team that will look for feedstock throughout the USA.

Future Products and Services

Cobal USA Alternative Fuels will also offer Business Proposition related to Gaseous Fuels, including Hydrogen, Synthesis gas and alternatives to Natural Gas. The timing for these will be according to the development of each technology that is done by third parties.

Comparative Advantages

Cobal USA firmly believes that the technologies that are use in the Business Proposals are the most adequate based in investment and operational cost, versatility and environmentally friendly. Its Business Proposal can go for small production of only 3,500 gallons a day to several hundred thousand gallons a day. The business proposition are not Technology oriented they are Feedstock Volume oriented.







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